CM-YA Training

Contingency Management for Youth Addiction (CM-YA) course catalog

Whether you are an experienced clinician or new to the field of substance abuse treatment, our curriculum can help prepare you to implement Contingency Management for Youth Addiction (CM-YA); an evidence-based treatment for addiction. Our certification program was developed with the funding support of the National Institute of Health, National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH-NIDA) and was designed to encourage excellence in addictions treatment. You can choose to become certified in one or both models.

All training is Online, on-demand, and self-directed.

Please review the overall objectives, course materials, and course learning tasks for all CM training.

We offer 3 levels of learning:

ExposureThis level is designed for professionals who are interested
in learning the CM-YA treatment model. This is an online
course that offers all of the essentials to help you develop
basic competency in this model. Professionals who
complete the Exposure training will receive a certificate
for 8 hours of continuing education training.

3 Months
Cost: $4
Level 1This level provides the essentials of CM but builds your
core skills with advanced conceptualization and
individualized instruction from our expert Lead Trainers.
Clinicians who complete the Level I certification can
identify themselves as a certified CM-YA provider. This
level of training is eligible for 12 hours of continuing
education training.

12 Months
Cost: $1085
Level 2This level includes everything you would receive in E
Level and Level 1 training as well as specialty workshops
designed for advanced professionals, individualized
instruction, identification as a CM-YA Expert and the
ability to then supervise providers in this model. This level
of training is eligible for 15 hours of continuing education

18 Months
Cost: $1495

PDF Downloads: CM Training Costs | Overview Brochure

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