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Achieving better outcomes for adolescents and families.

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A well-executed EBP yields a savings return of 12 to 1.

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Arena Training Institute for Evidence-Based Programs provides training in the use of evidence-based psychosocial treatments to community-based practitioners with the primary work focused on adolescent and family-based treatments, emerging adults, and substance abuse research. We use our passion for helping others to guide us in providing exceptional service to those seeking our consultation and training.

ArenaEBP has the sole license to provide the training, training support, and expert consultation for Contingency Management for Youth Addiction (CM-YA), an evidence-based family treatment for addiction. In addition, we offer ongoing online workshops and in-person workshops and seminars for professionals in the addictions field hoping to expand their skills and stay up-to-date with the latest effective interventions.

ArenaEBP employs Lead Trainers who are experts in addictions interventions and the effective implementation of evidence-based treatments to assist agencies and professionals with their implementation of evidence-based treatments and programming. In addition to our extensive menu of live, interactive, online training’s, we maintain training centers in Brooklyn, NY, Harrisburg, PA, Detroit, MI, and Eugene, OR for intensive, specialized certification programs.

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We provide comprehensive online training for Contingency Management, an evidence-based treatment program for Youth Addiction. Traditional outlets for learning evidence-based practices have been shown to be largely ineffective. There is no substitute for proper clinical training, feedback, and supervision in learning an EBP. Our online Training Support System provides counselors with the support and feedback they need to be successful.    

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Our online Training Support System (TSS) can get you on the road to successfully implementing a Contingency Management, Evidence-Based Program.


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