STEP #1: Services Agreement

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 Click Here to Download and Print the Services Agreement

The first document we will need you to complete and return is the Services Agreement. The Contingency Management training, training support, and quality assurance you will receive is provided by Arena. Arena has sole license from the Medical University of South Carolina to disseminate the Contingency Management program and provide the training and training support necessary to successfully implement this treatment. As a new provider of Contingency Management, you will need to sign the Services Agreement which outlines the services you will receive and which establishes your formal relationship with Arena. All of the training, support, and training staff (Lead Trainers) you will work with are employees of Arena and fall under the expectations outlined in this agreement. This Services Agreement remains in effect for the duration of the grant. If, at the end of the grant, you decide that the training and training support you have received is helpful for your organization you can establish a new Services Agreement to continue providing Contingency Management.

The training portion of this project provided by Arena, and outlined in this agreement, is separate from the research. Arena has partnered with the research scientists at the Oregon Social Learning Center to collect and analyze the data. A separate consent for research participation will be signed at a later date.

You can download and print the services agreement through the link above. You will see that there are areas highlighted in yellow that you will need to fill in with your agency information. Please fill in these yellow highlighted areas and sign the document at the bottom. You can scan a completed, signed, copy of the document and email it to If you would prefer to fax or email the signed document please contact Jaime for the contact information. Once received, we will also sign the agreement and then mail you a hard copy for your records.

If you have any questions about the agreement please contact Jaime at any time at or 717-253-4556.