2018 CM-YA RFP Matching Grant Application

Request for Proposals (RFP)

Evidence-Based Drug & Alcohol Adolescent Outpatient Treatment Matching Grant

Contingency Management for Youth Addiction [CM-YA]

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90% of adults struggling with addiction started using as an adolescent. If we hope to curb the rising tide of addiction we need to treat our most vulnerable citizens, our adolescents, with effective treatments. Sadly, only 1% of adolescents receive anything approximately evidence-based care.


We are happy to announce the availability of funding to create or expand outpatient adolescent substance abuse treatment programs through the use of Contingency Management for Youth Addiction [CM-YA], an evidence-based family therapy treatment for adolescent addiction. This two-year grant provides a Level I and Level II certification in the CM-YA treatment approach with an opportunity to renew for two more years for a Level III Expert level certification.

Why CM-YA?

Contingency Management is one of the most extensively validated substance use disorder interventions. Randomized trials have demonstrated significantly better outcomes for youth in CM conditions, compared with supportive counseling, for drug use abstinence. The CM-YA model includes cognitive behavioral and behavioral approaches with active caregiver involvement.

CM-YA is a short-term, outpatient treatment that involves individual sessions with the adolescent, ages 12-17, and their identified caregiver, as well as family sessions. Sessions often occur weekly, for 14-18 weeks.


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CM-YA Treatment Overview Brochure

CM-YA Training Program

Funding Opportunity
Deadline March 19th, 2018
Grant Start Date March 30th, 2018
Contact Jaime Mulligan. Psy.D.

Clinical Director



Informational Webinar Wednesday, January 31st, 10:00-10:30 AM EST


Wednesday, February 7th, 3:00 – 3:30 PM EST

Webinar:  http://tssarena.adobeconnect.com/cmyawebinar/



Access Code: 312579#

Apply Online https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CMYAGrantAPP
Purpose This program provides grants to enhance and expand the use of evidence-based treatments in outpatient substance use disorder treatment programs for adolescents and their families.


Required Activities Include – Planning call with program developers.

– Completion of online training for all counselors & therapists who will be providing the treatment.

– Participation in the web-based Training Support System (TSS), managed by Arena for Evidence-Based Practices (Arena EBP) for 2 years. The TSS provides ongoing training, program implementation consultation, certification, and quality assurance monitoring to ensure fidelity to the model. Includes tracking treatment outcomes.

– Trainees will be eligible for Level I and Level II Certification in the CM-YA model.

Expected Outcomes – Develop a specialized adolescent outpatient treatment program built on the Contingency Management for Youth Addiction treatment program.
– Increase adolescent engagement in treatment through decreased drop-outs and increased number and frequency of sessions.
– Improve adolescent substance abuse treatment outcomes as tracked through the Training Support System managed by Arena EBP.
– Demonstrate fidelity to an evidence-based treatment through participation in the Arena EBP Training Support System.
Training Trainees will receive 15 hours initial training in the CM-YA model in year 1 as well as 8 hours in-person booster training and the option to participate in up to 24 additional hours of live online trainings with a CM expert. Year 2 includes 8 hours booster training and the option to participation in up to 24 additional hours of live online trainings with a CM expert. All training hours are CE eligible and are free.
Eligibility State and local governments, such as Single State Agency for Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Drug Courts, large and small outpatient clinics, sole-practitioners, juvenile probation departments, managed care organizations, Federally recognized American Indian/Alaska Native tribes and tribal organizations, rural health care centers with historic limited access to evidence-based treatment training opportunities, other providers of, or funders of, adolescent substance abuse treatment
Geographic Coverage Nationwide
Amount of Funding $562,500
Number of Awards 150
Project Period 2 years with opportunities to renew after 2 years
Matching Requirement Applicants must secure matching funds as outlined below.  75% of the training and QA cost is covered by the grant. 25% must be covered by the applicant as outlined below:

Agencies/locations applying to train and support 1-5 counselors/therapists:

$1,100 per counselor/therapist per year ($1,100 Year 1, $1,100 Year 2, or agencies can prepay for the two years by paying $2,200 in Year 1).

Agencies/locations applying to train and support more than 5 therapists:

$950 per counselor/therapist per year ($950 Year 1, $950 Year 2, or agencies can prepay for the two years by paying a total of $1,900 per counselor/therapist in Year 1).

For additional information, or to apply, please visit www.ArenaEBP.com/RFP or contact Dr. Mulligan at 717-253-4556 or jmulligan@ArenaEBP.com.