Contingency Management for Adolescent Substance Abuse: A Practitioner’s Guide (c) 2013 MUSC

This practical manual is based on extensive research and the collaboration of hundreds of community-based therapists. It provides step-by-step guidelines for implementing contingency management (CM)—one of the most effective treatments for substance abuse—with adolescents and their caregivers. Strategies are detailed for assessing substance use disorders, developing individualized cognitive and behavioral interventions, using behavioral contracts and contingencies to reinforce abstinence, and overcoming frequently encountered treatment roadblocks. Extensive sample dialogues illustrate what CM looks like in action. In a convenient large-size format, the book includes over three dozen reproducible handouts, checklists, and forms.

CM is Supported by Leading Agencies as being an Effective Treatment

National Institute on Drug Abuse: Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment

Surgeon General’s Report on Addiction

Blending Initiative/NIDA/SAMHSA: Promoting Awareness of Motivational Incentives

Addiction Technology Transfer Center: CM Part 1: An Evidence-Based Approach to Positive Change

Addiction Technology Transfer Center: CM Part 2: The Founding Principles 

Addiction Technology Transfer Center: CM Part 3: Principle-Based Implementation

Principles of Adolescent Substance Use Disorder Treatment: A Research-Based Guide


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