Welcome CM Providers!

Online Provider Workshops:

Join your lead trainers for a series of training’s that go beyond what you learned in the CM-CAT online training to better support your clients, families, and agencies.Workshops are 45 minutes long and held in 4-week blocks with each workshop held multiple times. If you see a workshop you are interested in attending but you cannot attend any of the available dates please contact your Lead Trainer to set up a time that will work for you. Also, you can request topics by contacting your Lead Trainer.

Register for the upcoming workshops below.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Contingency Management uses many techniques that are used in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This training will focus on the basic principles of CBT, review techniques, provide you with handouts, and a chance to practice the skills.

Marijuana and the Adolescent Brain

This training focuses on marijuana use in adolescents. With more states legalizing marijuana, its availability is becoming easily accessible. Learn how marijuana use impacts the adolescent brain, what the drug detection times are, and how the laws around use and possession are changing.

Cost Benefit Analysis

This training will review the Cost Benefit Analysis tool you learned about to help adolescents and their caregivers identify solutions to various concerns they may encounter during treatment. You will be given the chance to practice using this tool in session, as well as receive handouts you can use directly in session.

Drug Testing

This training focuses on how to drug test as part of Contingency Management when you are unable to drug test within your agency. The training will provide you with a variety of scenarios in which drug testing may not be possible, and reviews various options for obtaining the results of drug tests. You will be given an opportunity to practice, as well as learn the various signs of intoxication for most substances.