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We offer a range of training opportunities for professionals and students in the mental health and substance abuse treatment field. Whether you are new to Contingency Management, or have had experience with this evidence-based treatment, our web-based training program and CM expert Lead Trainers can help you develop and hone your skills to prepare you to implement these effective interventions.

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Our Contingency Management for Emerging Adults (CM-EA) and Contingency Management for Youth Addiction (CM-YA) web-based training’s are each comprised of 7-8 modules that will walk you through the techniques necessary to implement CM for adolescents or emerging adults. Each module includes an overview of the intervention, specific tasks the provider must completed in the session with the client, examples of the intervention in action either through a session transcript or video demonstration, downloadable forms and resources related to the intervention, strategies for overcoming barriers to conducting the session and a post-test to synthesize your learning.

91% of trainees report the CM tools and techniques learned in this training fit well within their therapeutic approach.

100% of trainees report the training helped them feel confident in their knowledge of this model and prepared them to handle barriers to implementation of these techniques in the real world.

Based on 2018 NIH NIDA-Funded clinical trial results

The online training is 100% self-directed. You can move through the modules at your own pace and return to modules at any time for review. Within each module you will be able to view images, read text, download worksheets and resources, and watch video demonstrations directly in the training program. Each module concludes with a post-test you must pass to move onto the next module.

At the end of the training you will receive a certificate of completion and will have the opportunity to join a live mini-booster webinar with one of our CM experts who will answer questions and provide support as you take these tools into your practice.

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