About TSSArena

TSSArena provides training in the use of evidence-based psychosocial treatments to community-based practitioners with the primary work focused on adolescent and family-based treatments and substance abuse research. We use our passion for helping others to guide us in providing exceptional service to those seeking our consultation and training. We are driven by our core principles to:

1. Strive simultaneously for effectiveness and efficiency

2. Maintain a high level of integrity

3. Use open communication

4. Be responsible and trustworthy

TSSArena has sole license to provide the training, training support and quality assurance control for Contingency Management for Adolescents and Their Families (CM). TSSArena employs Lead Trainers who are experts in CM and the effective implementation of evidence-based treatments to assist agencies with their implementation of CM for adolescents and their families.

To learn more about TSSArena and our training and consultation services, or to learn how to become a provider of CM please contact us at:


Jaime Houston, Psy.D.