CM Study Focus Group


The focus group will be held online. You will need access to a computer with internet access AND a phone to call in for the audio.


Conference Phone Line: 641-715-3274

Phone Access code: 312579#

Please visit the focus group website link above a few days prior to your focus group date to ensure the link works on your computer. If you encounter any difficulty accessing this webpage please contact Jaime at 717-253-4556 or



(1) What will I be asked in the focus group?

The facilitator of the focus group will be asking you questions about your experience with training’s and what you find useful and not useful about training’s you have attended.

(2) Will I be reimbursed for my time?

As a grant we are unable to fully reimburse participants for their time however we will provide $20 as a token of our appreciation for your feedback.

(3) How do I receive the $20?

When you register you will be asked to provide a mailing address. Your check will be mailed to the address you provide.

(4) The registration says I need a computer and phone. Can’t I just access the meeting through my computer?

You will be able access the focus group through your computer by going to the link listed above. However, since everyone’s systems and internet connections are different we are asking everyone to call into the conference phone line that is provided. By using a phone line we are able to eliminate any issues with internet connections of audio. Your feedback is very valuable so we want to be sure we can hear it!

(5) I thought the focus groups was confidential. Why do I have to provide my name, agency and contact information?

Participants can only participate in 1 focus group therefore we are asking for names to ensure everyone is only registered for one meeting. We also need a way to send you your reimbursement which we cannot do without your information. The information you provide during registration goes to Jaime with the CM-TSS project. You met her during your kick-off event. She will be collecting names and mailing reimbursements. The researchers who are conducting the focus groups do not have access to this information. Jaime will be informing them how many have registered for each focus group but will not be providing names or identifying information.

 (6) Am I required to participate in a focus group?

No. As a research participant it is your decision to participate in the focus groups. Your feedback is incredibly valuable so we sincerely hope you will participate because your feedback will directly impact the development of the training but you are not required to participate. If you chose to participate you are not required to answer the questions. Focus group participants often report that they enjoy the opportunity to express their opinions and hear about the experience of other professionals in their field.

(7) Is the focus group just for my agency?

The focus groups is open to all the participants in this research project so you will have the opportunity to interact with professionals just like yourself from all around the U.S. Other participants from your agency may register for the same time slot but there is no requirement that participants from the same agency must be in the same focus group.

(8) What if none of the available times work for me?

If you are not available during the available times please contact Jaime immediately so that we can develop a plan to work with your schedule. You can reach Jaime at 717-253-4556 or