CM Accountability

Implementing an evidence-based treatment includes tracking fidelity and outcomes so that you can know if you are having the desired effect and to track, monitor, and enhance the reliability and validity of interventions. In essence, treatment fidelity means that you are implementing the interventions the way they were designed to be implemented. You also want to ensure that you and/or your staff are up-to-date on training and interventions so that you can achieve the greatest success. The Training Support System (TSS) provides everything you will need to support yourself and/or your agency as you provide CM as a treatment for youth addictions.

Accountability and Fidelity

We utilize three ways to evaluate fidelity and each of these is a part of the Training Support System (TSS):

Therapist Adherence Measure (TAM)

The TAM is a research-based survey completed by the caregiver once per month throughout the duration of treatment as a measure of adherence to the CM treatment model. High scores on the TAM indicate that a therapist is implementing CM interventions the way they were designed to be implemented.

Knowledge Test 

It is easy to forget things that we learn after a training. Once a year counselors complete a Knowledge Test to help identify any areas of CM they may need to brush up on and, with the assistance of the Lead Trainer, counselors will be able to complete additional training to strengthen their techniques.

Session Outcome Review

One of the most helpful ways to improve skills and expand expertise is through review of session audio tapes. Each counselor is supplied with a digital audio recorder to record CM sessions. These are uploaded to the TSS and periodically the Lead Trainer scores the session. With the assistance of a Lead Trainer, counselors use this outcome to strengthen their clinical skills.

In addition to monitoring fidelity to the CM model, which has been proven to improve client outcomes, the TSS directly tracks client improvement for the CM clients of each counselor.

The Lead Trainer assigned to the agency reports a summary of counselors’ performance and progress. This helps guide professional development and outcome improvement. The Lead Trainer also is available for remediation planning.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, fidelity and outcome data summaries are available at any time to the agency and counselors, and the agency’s Lead Trainer is available to provide assistance and feedback.

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