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Thank you for you interest in becoming a Contingency Management provider. A CM Provider agency pays a yearly licensing fee through our Training Support System (TSS) that includes a number of benefits to help you train staff, monitor treatment outcomes  and ensure fidelity to the treatment approach. The Training Support System provides training and support services to ensure that the model is precisely replicated in communities, leading to improved outcomes for both adolescents and their families.

Steps to Becoming a CM Provider

The primary goal of the Training Support System for Contingency Management is to provide the necessary knowledge, skills and support for outpatient clinicians so that they can successfully replicate CM in their practice.

STEP 1: 

Connect to a Lead Trainer

You will be connected by a Lead Trainer who will talk with you about the treatment model and conduct an evaluation of your practice to ensure that you have the necessary resources to be able to successfully provide CM.


Complete the Initial Training

Once you become a CM Provider Site you will complete the intensive training on the treatment modules through the web-based training program. 


Ongoing Booster Training

Ongoing maintenance of your training and practice through the Training Support System (TSS) and your Lead Trainer. 

Support for Contingency Management Providers

Comprehensive Training 

The comprehensive Training Support System (TSS) begins with an interactive, web-based training will prepare your therapists to provide CM. This 15 hour training is entirely web-based which enables your staff to complete the modules at times and locations that are convenient to them. By being web-based you can save on the high costs of travel, room and board, and “lost hours” that accompany most off-site trainings. The training is eligible for educational licensure credits and includes periodic knowledge checks throughout.

Read More about Web-Based Training.

Access to a Lead Trainer

You have full access to a Lead Trainer assigned to your agency. This Lead Trainer is an expert in CM and is available to aid your agency in implementing CM. Your Lead Trainer is available each day during office hours or for scheduled appointments for 1:1 training support, resources, demonstration of skills, and role-play to practice skills. You can reach your Lead Trainer through email, phone, text, video conference, or live chat. In addition, your Lead Trainer can provide agency support to help build your program, market your CM program, and help with building referrals.

eLibrary and Networking

A web-based eLibrary is kept up-to-date in the TSS. This provides you with resources, forms and documentation, as well as the latest information on drug abuse trends and info. The TSS also links you to the CM community of providers where we can learn from each other. You can post questions to the community, offer resources for the library or read about the challenges and successes of other professionals who are providing the same treatment that you are.

Training Support and Continuous Quality Improvement System

As a provider you will have unlimited access to the TSS for treatment outcome monitoring, measures of fidelity, identification of staff training needs, and a continuous quality improvement process that can help your agency grow and succeed. These resources and outcome reports are incredibly useful for reporting outcomes to stakeholders and funding sources as well as for grant applications. 

Ongoing Booster Training 

Continuous training and professional development through booster training and provider networking events. Ongoing booster trainings help counteract any drift and guide counselors back to the treatment model so that you can achieve better outcomes. Booster training topics focus on areas of interest and impact for your organization and personal skill development. Training can be provided for your whole agency’s CM counselors or individualized for each counselor.

Materials for Counselors

Each counselor receives the CM text book, the training companion treatment binder, hard copies of all training materials, and a digital recorder. These items are used during trainings, as well as in CM treatment sessions. For example, the binder is an organized system where providers can quickly access all the forms and documents used during CM. Together, these materials, trainings, and other components form Arena’s comprehensive Training Support System.

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